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Friday, March 12, 2004

bloody campaign!

Hmm.. not even a week off from blogging, now that's not too bad, is it? Hehehehe ^__^

I'm so happy today.. I finally met my boyf, whom I haven't seen for quite a long time as he'd been sick T__T  I did come by his place a few times last week, but still.. not much quality time spent until today, that's why I'm so genki genki genki! Don't see me this mushy mushy very often, do you? Hahaha that should prove I still have a romantic side towards real people, not just towards my idols ^__^

The election's about to take place here in Indonesia, and now the campaigning period has begun! I watched the first campaign parade yesterday, when I was on my way to Studio 55 *the office where I'm currently doing freelance accounting* Strangely enough, I found it quite exciting! I mean, the atmosphere's very different compared to the last election, and I kinda like it that way ^-^ But if there's one thing I hate about this campaigning period, is that it made my tomorrow's girls day out plan cancelled! You see, I had made this plan with my high-school best friends to have a pajama party tomorrow night. There are six of us and we had decided if four can make it, then the show will go on. Lara and Ashraf were almost sure they couldn't make it, but we were gonna go with the plan anyway when suddenly yesterday Preli told us that she had to go to Bangka-Belitung this weekend on the purpose of accompanying her boss campaigning there (Preli works in one of the political parties) and won't be coming back to Jakarta until Sunday! I was absolutely devastated.... I had been looking forward to this weekend all week! Damn campaigns!!! ^%&*^(*)&& $%&^%*)&&^)(*!!!

Has anybody seen any movies at Studio XXI, in EX? I went there last Saturday night and it was awesome! I really really like it! The place was great, the studio was amazing..  aduh bener2 deh langsung jadi kampungan rasanya! hahahahaha xDD Watched  Runaway Jury.. I just love that movie! I've seen it before, it was the in-flight movie in the flight I took on  my way back here from Sydney.. but I just *had* to see it again in the big screen! I love the story, I love John Cusack and of course I looooveeee Rachel Weisz (I hope I spelled that correctly ^^;;) She's just so pretty and sexy!!! v(^^

Funny. I had so much to write about but now I completely forgot all about it ^^;; O well.. time to get back to those accounting records anyway ^^;;


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Saturday, March 6, 2004


Hi.. hi.. here I am, back blogging again.. ^__^

As you know, I've been MIA for quite some time now.. so much for the planned everyday blogging, ne? ^^;; Well, let's see.. I'm currently on a job hunt (Yesss... after all those happy unemployed times, I finally felt sick of doing nothing x__x), so I've been busy finding vacant position, sending out applications, and so on... I've been called to a few tests and interviews.. but they're all still in the first steps of the recruitment, so I'm always on the hunt for something new, and of course am always keeping my fingers crossed v(^^

Not much news from me, I guess.. Life, to me, has been quite plain and boring lately ^^;; I need to find something to do, and I need it fast! That's why when  Kak Shinta *Nimas' sister* offered me to do a freelance accounting job at her office,  I immediately said yes. Me, the most anti-accounting person ever *OK, I'm exaggerating here* agreed to take an accounting job! Well, can't be too picky now.. I mean, look at Rully, one of the people who shared the same hatred I *had* (hmm, or is it still 'have'?)  towards accounting..  he's now an auditor at PWC, and he's actually loving his job! That really made me thought about things in a different way. That maybe I shouldn't be that 'anti-accounting'. Well, I applied to PWC and EY.. that should prove I don't hate accounting that much anymore, right?? hehhee *grin*

I finished two books while I was away from blogging. The first one is Shopaholic Abroad, and the second is Totto-chan. I love them both! The second shopaholic book was funny, although I still find the first one more hilarious..! I can't wait to buy and read the third one.. should do that pretty soon! Totto-chan is a very good book. After reading two chiclits in a row, this book sure brought a new atmosphere to me. Reading books like this really inspires me to be a teacher, to make the education systems here in Indonesia better. Have I told you that I really really wanna have a school of my own?  But that's definitely a looooong run project. I really hope I'll be able to make that dream come true one day... ^__^

Last thing before I go to bed... Anybody have a friendster account?? Add me.. add me!!! dessey@hotmail.com

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